Thank you for visiting my website.  On September 29, 2018 I retired from the Senate of Canada having reached the mandatory retirement age of 75.  This also brought to a close over 45 years in political office: including 13 ½ years in the Senate, 11 years in the House of Commons of which 9 were in the federal cabinet, 22 years at Toronto City Hall including 11 as Mayor of Toronto. My farewell remarks can be found by clicking on ‘Speeches’.

I don’t particularly like the word retirement, so I’m calling this my graduation.  I intend to keep busy but with a little more balance in my life.  A little more time with family and friends.

I intend to keep busy with social justice issues.  It was those issues I focused on as a member of Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, serving as either Chair or Deputy Chair over many years.   Have a look at the ‘Document Library’ for the many studies we conducted.  I also founded the All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus to examine issues involving some of our most vulnerable people in Canada.  Also, in the menu is access to a free e-book that I have co-authored titled: The Poverty, Inequality, and Job Challenge – The Case for Basic Income in Canada.


The Poverty and Inequality Challenge: The Case for Basic Income — New free e-book

The Case for Basic Income has released its free e-book. It will help shape public discussion on this most important social policy.

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