The Case for Basic Income has released its free e-book

The Poverty and Inequality Challenge: The Case for Basic Income — New free e-book

The Case for Basic Income has released its free e-book. It will help shape public discussion on this most important social policy.

You can find the free download on our website here.

About Basic Income

By Senator Art Eggleton

The Basics on Basic Income

What is Basic Income?

Also known as Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) or Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) amongst other titles, it is an income security measure to help people escape or avoid poverty and to provide for themselves and their family the basic necessities of food, clothing, and decent accommodation.  It does not replace other social support programs such as housing, child care, employment supports like training and adult re-education, and supports for seniors and the disabled.

The interest in Basic Income is on the rise lately.   Why is that?